Friday, July 31, 2009

It's what fun isn't.

Are you coming with us for office Lagoon day?

Is it free?


Do I get the day off?


Why don't you go back to your own cubicle.

Monday, July 27, 2009


1. When people call their friends their besties. .
2. When people turn the music in my car down.
3. My bad handwriting.
4. The metal plate on bathroom doors. I'll push wherever I feel like.
5. People who sing too loud in church. It's not a competition.
6. The little scratches around the key hole on my car that let everybody know that I have a hard time getting the key in.
7. People who leave messages every time they call just to let me know that they called as if I can't see that already.
8. People who make up their own nicknames for themselves, and are the only ones who use them.
9. The word panties.
10. Has been deleted for inappropriate content.
11. Good times.
12. People who start a sentence with pretty much. It doesn't make sense, and it's not cool.
13. Awesome spellers.
14. People who don't think water ballooning is funny.
15. When my eyebrows sweat.
16. Make-out hair. I hate tangles.
17. People who don't like me. If you don't like me you're just rude.
18. Rodeos
19. Dryer static

And for your looking pleasure....