Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Update. Not!

It's been so long since I've written a blog I don't know if I remember how. Like usually I think of some good jokes beforehand, and I haven't done that. I was hoping to give you a full update on the past few months in picture form, but we left our camera at the in-laws, and knowing my Mother in law it's probably been sold on KSL in order to buy some cuisinart knives or something. My Mother in-law is awesome, and so so funny. Have you met her? You should. I found some old stories she wrote in our file box, and she's an amazing writer! She even wrote a book. I love her. But seriously, I hope she didn't sell our camera. Oh my gosh. Is Grace really awake from her nap already? I put her down like 30 minutes ago. I cannot handle carrying her around with me any more while she claws my face and pulls my boob out of my shirt. This is exactly why blogs don't get written. Yesterday I stepped in dog poo. Also, it's 3:30, and I still haven't gotten dressed. Can I please have some sympathy?