Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm not a scrooge.

I've been getting a lot of requests for a blog post lately. I don't know why. My life is very bland. I mostly like to blog about funny things that happen, but things have not been very funny around here. We've been sick for like 2 weeks. I was sick on Christmas day! Stupid Santa. We have this home video from when I was like 3, of us opening presents on Christmas morning. Sarah opened a toy guitar and I got a toy saxophone. The video just shows me staring at Sarah with this look of pure jealousy, and then I say, "stupid Santa...". Jeff thinks it's the funniest thing ever, and he talked about it almost every day leading up to Christmas. Whenever I told him we got a gift from someone he'd say, "Was it good or was it a stupid Santa?"

I've really been loving my life lately actually. Being a mom makes me really happy, and I'm kind of starting to like Jeff. We've reached a point in our marriage where we rarely fight. And if we do I just make him sleep on the side of the bed that got peed on that day. Tonight we had date night for the first time in too long. I've been stuck in this house with these crying kids for 2 weeks, and I could not wait to get away from them. We went to the mall to return some clothes for Jeff and get dinner. We almost went to a movie, but we ended up just coming home, and putting the kids to bed, because I missed them. Now I'm laying in bed on the pee side, and Jeff's watching a movie with my mom. Stupid date night.

So speaking of Christmas, can we find a solution to the problem of having to buy a present for everyone and their dog? I know lots of people do homemade gifts, but I don't really want to homemake anything. I can't finish things I start. It's not that I don't want to give you a gift, but....yeah that's pretty much what it is. That's not even what Christmas is about. It's supposed to be celebrating the birth of Jesus, and having gift anxiety does not help me feel the Christmas spirit. It just stresses me out. Am I going to regret saying this? I'm just going to stop talking.

Now. Things that must go in 2014:
#1. Candy Crush. Just stop playing it already.
#2. Iphones altogether. They're sucking your life away, and you're probably watching way too much porn on them anyway.
#3. doTERRA. Everybody knows that you can buy oils from someone besides doTERRA right? I'm just sick of that word. You can carry on using them. Just stop saying that word. And stop writing it. I hate the way it looks.
#4. Facebook articles on everything. Judging, not judging, being gay, hating gays, not yelling, GMO's, vaccinations.....I just feel like there are too many people talking all at once. No more information. Everybody be quiet.

That's all. Bye.