Thursday, September 30, 2010


Long story short- Car accident, hospital, ultrasound, we're having a girl! I'm going to think of a good old lady name for her. Your suggestions are welcome. Except if you suggest it then it wont be my idea, and then I wont be able to use it. So be sneaky in your old lady name suggestions. Outsmart me. It wont be easy, because I'm really pretty smart. Not school smart, but people smart. I can't be hoodwinked. So just don't suggest any names. It's my baby, and I'll name her thank you very much. Anyway, on to more important things. I'm getting bored, and I've decided that I hate Utah and want to move to New York. I told Jeff, and he's going to make some arrangements. He's a nice husband. In the meantime I'm going to have to find some mischief to get into or I'm really going to start acting out. I didn't do my visiting teaching this month. I guess that's a start. Bye.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Attractions

We love our birds so much. We get them out of their cage to fly around in the morning, we always keep them stocked with food and water, I talk to them all day and tell them how cute they are, we put them to bed at night, and I dream about them all the time. But still when I walk in the room they start whimpering like little puppies that are about to get beaten. You stupid birds.

Jeffrey says to blog about being pregnant. I told him nobody wants to hear about it, but I'll tell you anyway, because it's all I have to talk about nowadays. My days go as follows- Wake up, glare at everything, puke, read some Harry Potter, go back to sleep till 1:00, take a bath, puke, read some more hp, take a nap, Jeff comes home, try to get up and do something, puke, sometimes puke again, sometimes eat something, but then puke it up, watch a HP movie (same one or different one every night. I don't even care), lay in bed thinking about fun things to think about, go to sleep around 4:00. Sometimes wake up and say, "Where's my barf bowl?!", and then go back to sleep.

Anyway, besides that we got to take a little vacation to Oregon to visit Grandma and Grandpa. It was so good to see them, and we even got to go to the state fair with some other family. It was super fun. We got to pet tons of farm animals, and eat cotton candy, and caramel apples, and go on some rides. I barfed after the scrambler, and everybody watched me, and then I barfed like 12 more times when I got home, but all in all it was a nice vacation. I already miss Grandma and Grandpa!

Other important news- We have a feeling that we could possible be having twins. We have no reason to think that besides we think it would be fun, but Jeff does have lots of twins in his family, AND women tend to get sicker with twins. I'm no pregnancy expert, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I am sicker than most pregnant women. I can tell because I am the only one that walks through Walmart with my hand over my mouth, and rubbing my stomach. Anyway, I don't have anything else to talk about so....on to your own blogging. You've been lacking lately, and I don't appreciate it.