Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Testimony, and then some other pointless crap.

Well I've pretty much given up on blogging. Life is getting too busy, and now that I have a smart phone I have to play games for at least 8 hours a day.

I saw that the church made a change to it's handbook on social media information. It now says that members are encouraged to use the internet to flood the earth with testimonies of the Savior and his restored gospel.

So I want to bare my testimony that I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God's church. I haven't always known that. The first few years of our marriage have been hard for me, because I haven't had the time or privacy that I once had to study my scriptures and pray. My callings were overwhelming. I questioned God's love for me, and if he did love me, then why would he let certain things happen? I started questioning things about our doctrine, and had serious feelings about leaving the church. When you grow up in the church, thinking of leaving is scary. That fear probably kept me around long enough to practice my faith. I chose to just move forward as if I knew it was true, even though I didn't. In the last few months I slowly started learning more about things I didn't understand. My desire to read my scriptures and pray started growing, and I started to feel God's love for me again. I went to the temple and found answers to my questions. I started following little promptings, and became a tool in God's hand. My love for my family grew. For the first time in my life I crave to read the scriptures, because I want to hear what God has to say to me. My prayers are genuine. I need help, and I know that I will have it if I ask. I know that things are not always as they seem. What happens on this side of the veil is only half the story. There is a whole other life going on on the other side that answers all of our questions. We are a part of a big plan. I know that if you ask God for answers to your questions, he will give them to you. That's all. Bye.

Oh, also, I think I'm going to delete our facebook, because I don't have a single uplifting thing to say to anyone on there.

Things that must go:

ItWorks. Pictures of fatty "before" thighs, and then pictures of less fatty "after" thighs are still just fatty thighs.

Selfies. Seriously. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Loving and inspiring notes to your children who can't read. Who exactly are you writing to?

Mushy love notes to your spouse. Don't you have their phone number? You're obviously trying to make up for the fact that you're sitting on facebook instead of spending time with the real live person who lives in that house with you.

Mysteriously having your shirt off while taking a selfie. Like, "Oh I just got out of the gym. Great workout!" I work at a gym, and I have not once seen someone with their shirt off.

Mustaches on everything. Why are they a thing?

K Bye.

Oh, here's some pictures of my wild kids.

Eating sugar

Eating dog food.