Thursday, February 4, 2010

I spilled some tea in my keyboard

Today I brought a Jack Johnson cd to work. I thought it might calm me down as I have to answer the phones all day and talk to the general public. In case you didn't know this already, the general public is so dumb! This one lady, for instance, called me yesterday, and said that she received an email stating that her credit card had been declined. She said that she was very offended, that we had the worst service in the world, and that she thought our e-mail was tacky. I apologized, and told her that I'd try running her card again. I got a message saying the card had been declined due to non-sufficient funds. She yelled alot, so I told her that I thought her trying to buy things when she has no money is tacky, and I hung up. Then sometimes I get people who over thank me. Only one thank you necessary. Nice or mean you all drive me crazy. Conclusion: Talking in my nice voice gives me a sore throat. And I hate people. Now I have to go because my Jack Johnson cd is skipping.

I don't really understand this picture, but I think it's funny that she's hitting him with a microphone.

P.S. I know my blog is halloween themed. Who cares. I like it.