Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet Summer

I feel like I might die if Summer doesn't come soon. This is sitting in my garage just waiting for me to get in it....
Those people are not in my garage.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Yesterday I fell asleep to the sounds of Jeff playing baseball (in his imagination), and talking to himself, and Sadie eating my wedding shoe. And I thought to myself, what a sweet family I have. It's weird what you learn to appreciate when you become a wife, and are getting ready to be a mom. Baby time is getting closer, and we are getting so excited. The nursery is finally coming together after several mind changes on my part. I don't know why the room is so important to me, but I want it to be perfect. Sometimes I take the dog in there, set her on my lap, and rock her while she growls and bites me. It's our special bonding time. Just one more month and a half, and I'll be posting about a real baby instead of the dog. It's something we can all look forward to.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things that make me want to say a swear

Thing #1- When I lose a solitaire game.
Thing #2- When cold air gets on my ankles.
Thing #3- When Sadie has gas. Actually, when anybody has gas.
Thing #4- When Jeff talks for 5 hours about how mad he is that he lost his solitaire game, and then tries to show me how bad his cards are. P.S. We just discovered solitaire on our ipods.
Thing #5- When blogs I really want to read are made private. Who needs privacy?
Thing #6- When my CD skips in the car. Am I the only one that still listens to CD's?
Thing #7- When people tell me I don't look pregnant. I think they think it's a compliment, but I just think it's annoying.
Thing #8- When I live in a dumb apartment that will never get clean or look cute.
Thing #9- When I let the dog chew on my phone, so that maybe it will break, and I can get a new one, but it doesn't break, because it's so old that it's actually durable.
Thing #10- When I buy new chapstick and then lose it. Like 3 times in a row. Permanent chapped lips.
Thing #11- Stepping in pee when I just put clean socks on.
Thing #12- When the workers at stores say, "I can help whose next."

Things that don't make me want to say a swear:

Smiths doughnuts.