Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vitamin D

I tried putting a new background on my blog the other day, and all hell broke loose. Why are there random birds at the top of my page now? I hate them. I hate the whole computer. Anyway, here's a good article about Vitamin D and vaccinations.

Twenty reasons why vitamin D is better than a swine flu vaccine
By: Mike Adams

Source: Natural News
Tue, 03 Nov 2009 12:29:18 CST

The news is out: Vitamin D is better than the swine flu vaccine at halting H1N1 infections. In fact, without vitamin D, chances are that a vaccine won't generate much of an immune response in the first place.

That's because vitamin D is essential for healthy, active immune function. That's just one of the reasons smart people are choosing vitamin D instead of the swine flu vaccine. Here are nineteen more reasons:

#1 Vitamin D activates your immune system to respond to any viral exposure (not just one virus).

#2 Vitamin D naturally belongs in your body.

#3 Vitamin D has been functioning as medicine in the human body since the beginning of the human species.

#4 Vitamin D is available right now and there's no shortage of it.

#5 Vitamin D won't cause your brain to swell and put you into a coma.

#6 Vitamin D doesn't require an injection with a scary needle.

#7 Vitamin D is found naturally in many foods such as sardines or salmon.

#8 Vitamin D has a perfect safety record. No one ever died from consuming it.

#9 Vitamin D is affordable. You can even get it for free (from sunlight).

#10 Vitamin D doesn't contain viral fragments from diseased animals (like vaccines often do).

#11 Vitamin D doesn't contain thimerosal or other chemical preservatives.

#12 Vitamin D doesn't need a warning sheet describing possible side effects.

#13 Vitamin D doesn't hurt your arm when you take it.

#14 Vitamin D also improves sugar metabolism, bone density and healthy moods.

#15 Vitamin D is safe for the environment.

#16 Vitamin D doesn't contain squalene or other inflammatory adjuvant chemicals.

#17 Vitamin D works on everyone and is safe for everyone, including infants and children.

#18 Vitamin D is made in nature, not a laboratory.

#19 Vitamin D is found naturally in breast milk.

#20 You can walk, and chew gum, and generate vitamin D from sunshine all at the same time!

Skip the vaccine. Get more Vitamin D!


Friday, September 21, 2012

I hate you blogger.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I've started putting Grace to bed without feeding her to sleep first. So far tonight she has been crying for 12 minutes. I have visions of breastfeeding two babies at the same time and waking up with both of them all night long. I'm afraid if I don't do something quick I'm going to be one of those mom's with crazy hair that yells all the time. I should have been working on this for the last few months, but it's hard for me to not let Grace nurse when she wants to. For now I'm just working on getting her to go to sleep on her own, and then we'll work on weaning completely. I started out with Grace very unorganized and completely without structure. I thought it would be better that way, and everybody knows I can't plan more than 5 minutes in advance anyway. It turns out that I was wrong. As usual. Now I'm stuck nursing all the time, and never knowing when bedtime is. People with kids Grace's age always ask me how many naps she takes, and how many hours she sleeps. I don't know the answers to any of those questions. She sleeps when she sleeps, and I can't remember how many hours that is from one day to the next. Now we are working on a routine, which I've always heard is good for kids. I think the truth is that it's good for parents. I now at least have Grace on a regular nap schedule, and it's been so nice! I can actually plan on having 2 hours to myself every day. To myself means picking up dog poop in the yard and doing laundry. Poor Grace had to be our trial baby. Now that we've made all the mistakes we know what to do better with the next one. Speaking of the next one, his room is almost finished, and I'm so in love with it. I hope he likes it. If not, then he obviously has no style.

I have officially switched doctors, and hospitals completely. I'm so unimpressed with the nurse midwives in Orem. They aren't midwives at all. They're just nurses, and if that's going to be the case then I might as well use a doctor that's just around the corner. I was starting to feel uncomfortable with delivering all the way down in Orem. What if I don't get there in time for an epidural? What if this baby comes even faster than Grace, and I don't even make it to the hospital in time? Plus Grace will be staying at home with my mom, and she wont be able to visit very easily when I'm so far away. Alta View hospital is just a few blocks away from us, so we have decided to deliver there, and we have heard great things about our doctor there. I feel alot more comfortable with this situation. We're super excited for a new baby in our house. Grace is obsessed with babies, and I know she's going to be such a good big sister.

Lately I've been thinking about how much mom's compare themselves to each other. I do it too. Sometimes I find myself feeling inadequate to raise children. I'm way too irresponsible. I don't even think I'm old enough to have kids. I'm only like 19 in my head. But being a mom is hard enough without having that anxiety. The truth is, we are mostly all good mom's. Different, but good. There are mom's in my ward who stick to perfect schedules, and have perfectly behaved children. There are mom's who have no schedule, and horribly behaved children (I think I'm the only one really in this category). I don't like feeling guilty when my child can't sit still in church, and runs around laughing and screaming instead. During my nephew's baby blessing a few weeks ago Grace was awful. My whole family was there to witness the naughtiness, and were talking about it afterwards. One of my cousins commented that she seemed happy. It's true. She is happy. We have alot to work on, but we're raising a happy child, and that's the most important to me. It's proof that I am a good mom. Even though I don't have a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. Anyway, Grace has gone to sleep, so it's time for me to eat a big bowl of ice cream, and do a word search. Have a happy week.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

So long sweet summer

It's only 9 in the morning, and Grace is already in her pool in the backyard. Naked of course. I'm sad that Summer is ending. We've been spending all our time at the pool or the splash park this last week. It took Grace until now to finally start having fun in the water. This has been an exciting week with Jeff taking his second CPA exam, and me graduating from yoga school. Jeff will find out how he did in two weeks, so keep your fingers crossed! If he passes then he only has 2 more exams left before he's totally done.

I'm sad that my teacher training is over. I feel like I still have alot to learn, but I also feel like I've learned alot, I'm going to try to keep practicing as often as possible. I'm hoping to start an evening yoga class for the ward or stake, so for those of you who can't make it on Saturday mornings this will give you a chance to come.

Grace is getting so smart. She's still in love with her baby. She carries it with her everywhere she goes, and I always hear her saying, "hi baby" while she walks around with it. She bounces it, pats it's back, and tells it "no no" when it's doing something naughty. She's growing up fast. She actually has enough hair for pigtails now, and we're in the beginning stages of potty training.

Also this week, we got our 2nd set of nursery furniture. It took me a while to decide how I wanted to decorate, but I finally have a plan, and I can't wait to start on it! I'll post pictures when it's done. So far I've put the crib together without saying any swear words.

I realize that I never post pictures of anything but Grace, but that's all I've got. I'll try to do better at getting a variety of subjects in my pictures from now on.

Family picnic in Payson Canyon

 Swimming at Grandma's
 Giving Dad Eskimo kisses
 Playing at the splash park