Monday, April 19, 2010

Things and stuff

Hi. Ok anyway, so me and Jeff are going crazy with wedding planning. What I want to know is why everyone acts all cool about getting married. Every time it happens I'm like, "Hey, isn't this weird? Do you feel crazy, or stressed, or nervous?" And everyone's like, "No, not at all. We're just excited. Everything is fine. We're awesome." Well now I know you're all LYING!!!!! Planning a wedding is a nightmare. I almost yelled at the invitation guy the other day, because I thought that all of his invitations were ugly. And they were ugly. Why doesn't anybody make cute invitations? Anyway don't even act like any of you are better at getting married than I am, because I know that I'm good. There's just so much stuff to do all the time! Me and Jeff are e-mailing each other all day long at work trying to get things planned and taken care of, and I get so nervous and excited that I pretend I'm not really getting married at all, so I don't throw up. Jeff can't even talk to me about our honeymoon or I really will throw up. Have you heard that song, "You Run Away" by the barenaked ladies? They're so creepy! Ok so anyway, we did get one thing all taken care of. We got a house! We got a super good deal on a townhome in American Fork that's super cheap because it was repossessed. In my head that means that it's haunted, so I'm refusing to stay there. I am going to have to stay eventually, though, because my good friend Tiffany is taking the room where I am now in like a week. We've been moving stuff in here and there over the weekend, so hopefully by the end of this week we'll have everything in, and I can officially live there. We don't have much furniture yet, but we did buy a sweet couch on Saturday. It's huge! Jeff can actually lay all the way down, and not even hang his feet off the end. Nevermind that it's hideous. We'll just avoid looking at it. We also got a tv stand for the new tv Jeff got. I personally think that anything you can't buy at walmart for under $20 is too expensive, but Jeff really wanted a nice one, so we got big flat screen with HD and LSD or something. Jeff says that means it looks good. We decided that we don't want any cable, so we're just going to get lots of movies, and live on that. We love kid movies, so that's mostly what we have. It's really nice not to have to worry about nudity, and swearing, and violence, and stuff. I'm getting too sensitive in my old age, so I'd rather just watch happy kid movies. Anyway, we feel really lucky to have found the house, and we're way excited to live there. As soon as I have a priest come in and cast out all the bad spirits from the repo. Our favorite part is the big garden tub in the master bathroom. Friday night we sat in it (in our clothes you pervs) for like a half an hour. As for the rest of our wedding plans, we have alot to do before June, but we're getting lots of help from Steff, and Courtney, and Amy, and I appreciate it more than you guys know! They're all so creative, and have awesome ideas!

Besides that, the most exciting thing going on right now is that Sarah (my sister) is getting married in less than a month! Her and Ryan will be married in the St. George temple on May 14th, and I can't wait!

I'll post some pics when I get time.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shut up. Please. Thank you.

Jeff took me to a play last night. I told him I hate play's, but he insisted on taking me on a "date". I told him I hate dates too, but he doesn't care. Anyway, I don't know what the plot was, or who fell in love with who, or how it ended. All I remember is that there was a lady behind me repeating every line to someone next to her and laughing. If Jeffrey hadn't been with me I would have followed that lady home and egged her house. Dear play lady- We're all in the same room. We heard what they said, and in case you didn't know, you are not in the play. Dear Jeffrey- If you ever take me to a play again I will egg YOUR house.