Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh hey

So we're not buying a house after all. I wont give you all the boring details, because they're boring. For now we're going to rent an apartment in Draper, so Jeff will be closer to his work, and I will be closer to Ikea. Steff has been living with us for a couple months, so she'll come along too, and be closer to her hair school.

We're getting our puppy in three days, and it's all I think about. She's so cute and fat, and we can't wait to have her. Our apartment has tons of grass for her to run around and poop on, so she'll love that. P.S. I just accidentally put bird poop in my mouth. I don't even want to tell you how.

Grace has been kicking like crazy. I guess that probably means she's healthy. I haven't been as sick lately, and have been able to eat more, so that's nice. It means that I'm growing now too, though, so I will probably have to start wearing maternity clothes soon. I got attacked in a Motherhood Maternity store the other day at the mall by some lady who made me try on like fifteen things, and I had to escape while she had her back turned. I guess they probably realize how hideous all their clothes are, and have to resort to that in order to get any sales. I could never work there. I'm too honest, and would have to tell everyone how awful they look when they try things on.

I've been learning how to play the guitar. That's kind of a lie. I've been getting on Youtube and looking up tutorials for songs I like, and then when I decide it's too hard, I move on to another one. After an hour or two I just start blasting songs I wish I knew and singing really loud. I don't know if my guitar is tuned wrong or if I just play everything really really bad. Is there any way to know?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I was going to take pictures of our Thanksgiving, but I didn't, so sorry. I have two cameras sitting next to me, but neither one of them have moved from that spot in like 12 years. I'm a bad housewife. Modern housewife, because housewives in the olden days didn't give a crap about posting pictures of their lives on blogspot. They probably had more important things to do like bake bread. Not me. I shop at Maceys. I bet you thought I was going to write a blog about all the things I was thankful for. I really should. But I don't want to. Instead I will tell you all the things I would be thankful for if I was feeling thankful. Which I'm not. We're getting our puppy in about 3 weeks. 19 days actually. We finally bought a house. Kind of on accident. We found one that we loved a few weeks ago, and we put on offer on it, and then they received 3 other offers that we assumed were much better than ours, so we forgot all about it. Then on Monday they contacted us, and said they accepted our offer, so if all goes well we'll be moving in February. I wrecked my car again. Don't bother telling me your jokes about how I always wreck cars, because they're not funny. I'm thankful that I'm not dead. And especially thankful that I didn't knock Courtney's teeth out with my head. I'm thankful for my husband, because he's hot, and he lets me put my cold feet on him sometimes.