Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grantsville and stuff

Today I was reading a blog, and out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the blogs they follow, and the last thing they posted was titled "Things I love about myself." At first I thought they were so awesome, and then I was a little pissed that I didn't think of that first, and then I realized that it didn't say "Things I love about myself", it said "Things I believe about myself". So guess what that means. I did think of it myself. Right now I can't really think of that many things I love about myself, but when I do, that will be my next post.

So we live in Grantsville now. Today I had to pull all the way off the road to let a massive tractor pass by. That is what it's like living in the country. Our first night here I walked outside, and some guy across the street started yelling. Like I thought he was going to kill someone. Like Sadie got scared and ran in the house, and so did I. Now I don't like to go out at night. Mostly because we don't have any street lights, so I can't see if someone is sneaking up to kidnap me. There are some weird things that I've noticed about this town. I don't know if they're really appropriate to discuss on a public blog. Like if I get called to the relief society I don't want anybody reading it and getting offended. But if I get called to nursery then I don't care, I'll tell you.

Grace is crawling all over the place now, and she's also standing up a little bit. She'll pull herself up in her crib or on the side of the bathtub. She's so strong. I have to disinfect the floor several times a day. We tried feeding her her first food. The day after we moved here we were all hanging out on our bed, because it was the only clean space in the house, and we decided to mash up a banana and have her try it. I put some on her lips, and she made a weird face, and then she threw up all over. We decided to wait a little while, and then try again. Tonight at dinner we let her suck on some asparagus, and that's as far as we've gotten so far.

This is kind of a random picture, but we found the top of our wedding cake in the freezer when we moved. We were supposed to eat it on our anniversary, but we forgot all about it. We're just not good at things like that.

My mom found these old pants that I wore when I was a baby. I love them on Grace.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

When a dog loves a baby

I just ran to the store to get Jeff some Tums, and when I got back there were poopy diapers shredded all over the floor, and we were missing an entire loaf of bread. Is anybody else's dog this awful or is it just mine?

Sorry for the blogging dry spell I've had. I've been packing and getting ready to move, so naturally, I have nothing nice to say. I do have some news since the last time that I posted. Wanna hear it? Does anyone even read this blog? I keep seeing regular people with like 1,000 followers. How does this happen? I need to find out.

Ok so first item of business. My sister and her family moved to Oregon. Ryan got to transfer from where he has been working for the Red Cross here to their Salem, OR location. Apparently he blew all the other applicants out of the water. He's awesome. I'm excited for them. But sad for me. Natalie started Kindergarten, and I wish I could see her walking to school with her little backpack on. I hope Sarah takes some pictures for us. They'll  be closer to our Grandma and Grandpa which makes me happy too. They'll love being able to see each other all the time.

We're moving to Grantsville at the end of the week. Where is Grantsville? It's a town right next to Tooele, about a half an hour west of Salt Lake City. We bought a house built by Kessler Hatch aka Jeff's brother. He builds a mean house. And by mean I mean nice. We'll finally have our own yard for Sadie's pooping pleasure, and more space, so that will be nice. Our house has finally gotten to the level of mess where you can't clean, you just have to move. I love organizing and decorating, so I'm actually really really excited.

Grace is moving around so much now. She still isn't crawling forward, but she goes backward, sideways, and in a circle. I just had to buy her a playpen, because in the past few days she has fallen off our bed, bumped her head on lots of walls, and had all her toys taken away by Sadie. She has a rough life. I can already tell how stubborn she's going to be. If she sees something she wants she will stop at nothing to get it. Right now, in her playpen, she has my car keys, a plastic cup, and a paper plate. All things she could not bare to live without.  

We've all been sick all weekend, so conference couldn't have come at a better time. I love listening to the talks, and having that feeling of wanting to be better. I'm so happy to be a member of the LDS church.This was one of my favorite talks. Now I'm going to go blow my nose twenty times.

And as always, for your looking pleasure...