Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A day at the office

8:09 A.M.- I sneak in late.
8.17 A.M.- Sergio asks if I've missed him. I tell him no.
9:30 A.M.- I notice Kris is high.
10:15 A.M.- Sergio mentions how he went to a concert he thinks I would have loved, but couldn't tell me because he doesn't have my phone number. I tell him he's an idiot.
11:00 A.M.- I go to lunch early.
11:30 A.M.- Kris notices that someone stole her lean cousine.
11:30-12:30 P.M.- Kris goes around the office letting everyone know that someone stole her lunch. I laugh hard.
12:27 P.M.- Gary (short man, partly bald, jeans high enough you can see socks and then some skin) walks by my desk. I tell him he smells good.
12:29 P.M.- Gary IM's me and tells me that he's too old for me and that I need to stop hitting on him.
12:30 P.M.- I walk by Gary's desk and tell him how nice he looks.
12:30-2.22 P.M.- I pull files, and listen to two girls using teamwork to put files in numerical order. They talk through the entire process like it's the most important job in the world. I love them.
2:22 P.M.- I find Michelle hiding under my desk reading a book about how to not scream at your kids.
2:24 P.M.- Someone asks me who I'm talking to, and I say myself.
3:01 P.M.- An alarm goes off. No one moves or says anything about it.
3:23 P.M.- Bob makes a dirty joke. Victoria doesn't laugh, but says that's funny over and over. Victoria has a slight lisp.
3:48 P.M.- I sneeze and Shawn tells me to be quiet.
3:51 P.M.- Jenn comes over to ask me if when I'll be done with the audit. Jenn smacks her gum in my ear like a five year old. I hate her.
4:00 P.M.- Everyone leaves.
4:20-4:55 P.M.- Michelle and I talk about how much we hate our bosses, and both leave early.

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