Thursday, July 8, 2010

Husband husband husband husband husband husband

I feel like I can't blog anymore, because now that I'm married I have to blog about how much I love my husband, and all the cool things we do, and say husband five thousand times. Well we don't do any cool things, and if I love Jeffrey I will tell him myself. And I do. Even though he farted all morning long. And I have no interesting news besides we got a blow up pool in the backyard, and it's the funnest thing ever. Oh and our house is full of spiders. Guess who is the brave one who squishes them all with a paper towel. I am. No pictures because I get bored waiting for them to upload.


Mary said...

Shoot, I really wanted to see a picture of Jeff cowering in fear of the spiders. Not that I would blame him. Cause spiders move way to weird to be allowed near enough to me in order to kill them.

Nicole said...


Amy Bigelow said...

I really felt special after like a month of being married, cause I could say "my husband..." Now I don't notice when I say it. And it's way overrated. He's just Drew. :)