Friday, January 23, 2015


I dislike all the negative attention non-vaccinators are getting because of the measles outbreak. The measles didn't start spreading because of people who were unvaccinated. In fact, if you read the two little lines, in the middle of the whole article they posted about it on KSL today, you would know that some of the people infected had in fact been vaccinated. Not vaccinating your children does not make you selfish or stubborn. To assume that the reasoning behind the decision not to vaccinate is based on outdated, falsified information is just ignorant. Parents have the right and the responsibility to make important health decisions for their children. I don't think there's anything selfish about it. It's a personal decision that, for all of the non-vaccinating parents I know, took a lot of thought, prayer, and research. You can't judge another parent for not making the same healthcare choices that you make. I don't go around verbally attacking parents who choose to vaccinate their kids. I think that they love their children, and they feel responsible for their health, and they made the best decision they could. For them. As did my husband and I, for us. So please stop. We're all doing the best we can here.  


Jordan Long said...

Thank you! This REALLY needed to be said.

Anonymous said...

Wow, since you love NieNie, I figured you would be dumb, but you are actually stupider than I thought. Of course you do not vaccinate, you are too stupid to understand science and facts. If your kids die of a preventable disease, oh well, I guess you know better than doctors. I guess it is one way of thinning the herd.