Monday, May 20, 2013

I dislike Cafe Rio

I don't really understand what everyone's obsession with Café Rio is. I go once in a while, because Jeff likes it, but I would never think to go there on my own. Their counter is too high. Am I the only one that stands on my tip toes to talk to them over the glass barrier? It makes me feel stupid every time. And I'm not that loud of a talker, so they can never hear me. Maybe if they got rid of that stupid glass they wouldn't have to ask me if I want black or pinto 3 times. I also think it's weird that they advertise so much about how they yell there. Like right on the wall it says something like, "Being yelled at never tasted so good." I've never been yelled at there. It kind of reminds me of those people who give themselves nicknames, but are the only ones who use them. Even standing there with my ear right up against the glass, I usually can't hear anything they say to me. I usually just say yes to everything, and sometimes I get what I want. Sometimes I don't. But there's no way I'm going to get back in line for 45 minutes to tell them that. Everything on their menu is the same anyway. Rice, beans, meat, lettuce, pico, tortilla. They'll give it to you in different forms, but essentially it's all the same. Their food is okay, but nothing I get excited about. I kind of think that it's a fad. Like everyone says they love it, because all the cool kids love it. I guess I'm not a cool kid. Anyway, on to more important things. Look at these cute pictures of my kids.

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Erica Britton said...

I've been complaining about the same things too; but every one looks at me like, "poor unpopular Erica. You'll never fit into our hipster Utah world." Everything tastes like cilantro.